The Governance Track Course


The Institute of National Transformation (INT) course was formed to create awareness of the
possibility of national transformation, and to highlight the role of citizens in the process. This
awareness has over the years created a desire for some graduates to get more engaged in the
governance sphere. Those who have climbed higher on the Governance Mountain have found that
there they are competencies which are a prerequisite for successful ascent. The INT Track 2
Governance Sphere Training Programme is designed to address that need.


  1. To equip participants with knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in the sphere of governance
  2. To study and highlight the character requirements for transformational leadership
  3. To create support networks for participants as they engage in the governance sphere
  4. To provide a platform where experiences of engagements in the governance sphere can be shared
  5. To mentor participants in the delivery of a community service project
  6. To impart the spirit of transformation


The course will be delivered online every Saturday morning between 5:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Details of
the course can be accessed at Each participant shall carry out a
community service project and shall mentor at least two youth mentees alongside the training