Angelina M. Twinomujuni


I kind of stumbled into INT, accompanying my colleague who was interested in signing up for the course. I tagged along basically out of curiosity. I had attended a number of leadership courses which had not necessarily improved my leadership potential. I didn’t think there was anything else to learn in that area. I was wrong. That decision to tag along was a turning point for me and one of the best decisions of my life.

Unlike some of the regular leadership courses, which may arm you with leadership jargon, which may not necessarily be translated into everyday life, the Oakseed Executive Leadership programme will expose you to excellent facilitators, information and skill necessary to challenge you to take more responsibility for your life, family and community. Today, I challenge myself regularly to do my best without excuse. While I am not perfect, INT exposed me to the limitless untapped potential within me which was usually not being harnessed, partly because I was not willing to run the extra mile. Although some of the reading assignments were daunting in the midst of my busy schedule, I realized that I could push myself beyond my comfort zone to achieve results. The programme has also been a source of networking opportunities which were previously out of reach.

If you are looking for a programme which will challenge you; enable you to become more self aware and equip you with the skills needed to make a difference in your community; then look no farther than the Oakseed Executive Leadership Programme. This leadership programme will make a difference in your life and open up a whole new world of limitless possibility.