Robert B. Mutyaba


I joined INT Oakseed Executive Leadership programme in the June 2012 intake (Class 6), on the recommendation of an old friend of mine, especially after attending the INT graduation dinner where I learnt more about INT. I was fortunately allowed to join the class one month late and I completed the previous work as I went along.

From the onset, I deeply understood the focus of becoming a values based, no excuse leader and that immediately impacted my attitude. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I had a lot of client pressure at the time. I soon realized I could do better and naturally found ways to reorganize myself to meet my goals.

For the first time, I read and summarized huge volumes of books such as The State of Africa, From Third World to First World: The Story of Singapore, and many others – my performance practically rose and my reading culture was permanently changed. Some of the books like Jim Collin’s Good to Great were so practical and applicable to my business that I started to re-organize and improve the business three months into the course. I realized I had found a gem!

Having been fired up by the Oakseed Executive Leadership Course, I enrolled for the History Makers Training at the earliest opportunity. At this three day course, we covered material worth probably two months and I slept less than 5 hours overall. It was then that I first ever read and summarized a 200 page book each day, besides attending lectures and submitting course works. It just occurred to me there was so much potential in me and a lot I could achieve.

But even more importantly, HMT exposed me – I discovered a lot about my character traits, personality, weakness and strengths and the value of discipline; I was equipped on how to deal with these issues in my life so I could rise to my full potential.

Through HMT I prayerfully developed a 10 year personal life plan and that has since become a good reference guide for my life. I have since constantly applied concepts like the hedgehog, periodical personal retreats for prayer and review, and I find a constant need for focus and personal improvement.

Socially, INT has placed me into a crop of Ugandans who question and critique everything purely from a nationalistic point of view; a people who think positively even about negative situations and a mix of people from all walks and leadership levels of life. Relating with such people has proved is a grand opportunity towards achievement.

There is no doubt, INT is probably the single most impactful course I have ever attended. Its cost it’s worth every effort and sacrifice. The course presents a real opportunity to transform organizations, communities and this nation to greater levels of performance and achievement and I recommend it to every national and organizational leader who wishes to see real transformation in this country.

Robert B. Mutyaba, INT Alumni Class 6


Robert Mutyaba is Computer Scientist and Mathematician, Youth Mentor and a devote Christian deeply involved in Christian Ministry. He is an Entrepreneur and Executive Director of RBM Systems Consult Limited, Board Member of Child and Family Foundation Uganda, and a Founding Board Member of Our Trees Our Future Uganda Limited. Robert is also involved in discipleship ministry and is currently the country team leader for Christian Business and Marketplace Connection (CBMC) in Uganda. He is married to Florence Mutyaba and together they have been blessed with three children: two girls Patience Kisakye and Faith Kirabo, and a boy Israel Tyndale Mutyaba.