The flagship program of the Institute for National Transformation is the “OAK SEED” Executive Leadership Program (INT-OAKSEED). The prospective participants of INT-OAKSEED will learn to operate with a global vision, develop skills and character sets that will have far reaching implications for their careers and the organizations and/or communities which they will lead. These “OAK SEED” leaders will be authentic, skilled and bold in taking initiatives and responsibilities.

The Academic Content:

The Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course, is a six (6) month, 30 lecture course with two face to face days per month during weekends. The academic content is designed to inculcate four key principles in the participants: Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. The academic content is grouped into six (6) modules which are:

Module 1: Making a Case for Paradigm shift
Module 2: Creating an Enabling Environment
Module 3: Becoming a Transformational Leader
Module 4: Developing Soft Skills
Module 5: Infrastructural Systems
Module 6: Project Reports and Presentations


The academic content is designed to challenge participants to think about the major challenges we face as a continent and the potential solutions within their sphere of influence. The facilitation approach is highly interactive. An integral part of the course is to promote learning through interaction between participants and facilitators.   Our discussion–based teaching is designed to stimulate new and innovative ways of thinking and to enable participants to make decisions that produce results. Movies are also used to enhance the learning experience.

Each participant will be helped to develop a project to capture their direct application of knowledge gained towards their life aspirations. The Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course offers participants the opportunity to be inspired, to learn and to develop networks which will form a springboard for a productive career.

Course Assessment Methods:

The progress of the participants is assessed using:

  • Time keeping and attendance records
  • Written book critiques of required reading materials
  • Take home assignments
  • The development and presentation of individual and group projects

Who should attend?

Middle to senior management leaders from both the private and public sector that have passion for the transformation of Africa will benefit from attending this course.

Expected Results:

Values based, “No Excuse” leadership of Responsibility, Integrity, compassion and excellence from both the private and public sectors throughout Africa that is proffering bold and progressive initiatives; instead of dictatorship and control and leaving a legendary impact in the Continent instead of failure and excuses.

The course ends with a graduation banquet during which Certificates of Completion are awarded to participants.