Mentoring first year law students

The project is aimed at refocusing the vision, passion, and energies of young student lawyers from having an inward looking, selfish mindset, to one that is passionate about the nation of Uganda and interested in leaving the country a better place than one has found it.

The Project focuses on mentoring first year student lawyers at Makerere University of the 2014-2015 intake into becoming professional, ethical, outward looking, nation transformers before they are contaminated by te University. It is proposed that the mentoring system shall continue to run the length of their stay at Makerere University (four years). It is hoped that at the end of their stay at Makerere, these law students will not only be the read in law, but will also have additional skill sets and attitudes necessary to change the situations in which they will live and work. It is also hoped that this project will continually incorporate more first year students as they join the School of Law in order to have continuity.  This will also give the continuing students an opportunity to mentor and guide the new ones.

In so doing, the Project will be an effective vehicle to create a critical mass of well grounded lawyers, no excuse, diligent, hardworking, committed lawyers who will cause national transformation.

It is hoped that the project will have different activities which include – but are not limited to -mentoring sessions, lectures, volunteering activities, conferences and others. It is hoped that funds will be generated for these activities from within the students themselves, fundraising activities, well wishers like lecturers at the School of Law, Collaborations with other projects, the Main administration at the University as well as other NGOs and companies. The first activity which is detailed in this proposal is estimated to costs UGX 25,000,000/=