August Newsletter 2021

My favourite INT book was, ‘Good To Great.’ by Jim Collins. It was interesting to learn about the characteristics of companies that had transitioned successfully through the ages, as a result of their deployment of disciplined people engaged in disciplined thought and disciplined action.

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May Newsletter 2021

I was in the very first INT class in 2009. My journey with INT has been one of faith, excitement and challenge. The lectures, interactions with colleagues and the journey of actualizing my project all challenged my faith in God and in the purpose for my life.

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April Newsletter 2021

Since 2008, INT has trained close to 600 leaders who are now spread in many of Uganda’s work places and international institutions. Whereas individuals can be trained and can work individually to improve their institutions, the real power of this force is harnessed when these individuals come together to complement, network and support each other.

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February Newsletter 2021

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Institute for National Transformation is an ideal place and home for living my vision and mission. My signing up for this course compounded the ideals that I always
upheld of living by biblical based principles. It is fundamental to note that for national transformation to happen our values need to be addressed but the beauty is that if there are from a biblical perspective it is eternal truth that will last a lifetime.

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December Newsletter 2020

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Joining INT, I realized the diversity that dwelt both within the students and the facilitators alike. The main click for me was the Tippu Tippu session that showed how African had they themselves been the source of their own problems and only we Africans would rise to the challenge to liberate our continent. That was the moment I knew I was in the right place.

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November Issue 2020

As I Engage with the OSELC, I have learned that I am a solution to problems. The burden is God given and it’s for me to make it light. Seeing myself as a part of and a contributor to National Transformation has been a game changer in my life. Leadership has been redefined and I have started my journey to becoming a Level 5 leader. I have determined to buy the future with every choice I make today.

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October Newsletter 2020

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I joined INT when I was searching for something greater in my life – something that would have an impact beyond what I was doing in my job at the time. I had heard of INT and I looked for it. Nobody sought me out. INT transformed me. My world view about my role in National transformation was not just for some people, policy makers, government officers who are mandated for it, but it was for everyone, and I needed to do my part.

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September Newsletter 2020

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I learnt about the Institute for National Transformation (INT) at the time of its conception in 2008 and was encouraged by my former colleagues at URA to attend the flagship course but was not able to at the time. This now seemed to be the perfect time to enroll to clarify that purpose. After all, the aims of the Institute are to “develop leaders in Uganda who will lead their organizations and communities to higher levels of success”. The Oakseed Executive Leadership Course has made a great impression on me in many more ways than I imagined, and I will share a few areas in the training that have impacted me.

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August Newsletter 2020

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The great thing is that the Institute for National Transformation has a set of values integrity, responsibility, compassion and excellence-that is inspiring and keeps the bar very high. I find myself now unable to make any excuses for anything in my life.

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July Newsletter 2020

I got to understand that I am an implementer and that I work best in situations in which I know what is required, the standards, and expected outcomes, naturally, that lead me to become an Engineer that I am today! I have also come to understand others and why they do what they do.

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